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Cultivate feelings of compassion towards yourself and others

Foster self-love and self-acceptance while alleviating negative emotions—toward yourself and others—through Loving Kindness meditation.


Choose mantras that resonate with you

Select categories to represent the areas of your life you'd like to improve and you’ll receive impactful, heart-stirring mantras.


Personalize your experience with customizable themes

Make Loving Kindness yours by changing the background and font to suit your mood, style, or aesthetic—as often as you’d like.


Increase compassion capacity

Loving-kindness meditation encourages a deep sense of compassion for yourself and others, inspiring a more empathetic and caring mindset.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Regular practice of loving-kindness meditation can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels by promoting relaxation and emotional well-being.

May my family and I be happy and healthy.
May my family and I be happy and healthy.

Enhance deeper connections

Practicing loving-kindness meditation can improve your personal relationships by fostering feelings of love and goodwill, so you can connect with and relate to others in a more positive way.

Improve emotional resilience

Loving-kindness meditation promotes your emotional resilience, empowering you to cope with difficult situations and manage negative emotions more effectively.


Normally, affirmations focus on you and they manifest positive emotions for yourself. But I like how this app projects those affirmations toward other people and toward your relationships. So I really like that it's very unique.


I appreciate how I can personalize the names and categories I use in the app, so I can focus my mantras on the people who need them and in the areas of their life that they need them.


I really want to work on being kinder and more compassionate, so I love that this app encourages me to send positive thoughts to other people as well as to myself.


My favourite feature is the personalized themes! I love that my widgets match my background and make my home screen look good while still sharing positivity.


I can access the app through the widgets and I can also see my daily mantras through the widgets. I feel like that was really cool.


Loving Kindness

Cultivate compassion and find peace.
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Loving Kindness
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